Minimize Chusovskoy District, Russia

This SPOT-5 image, acquired 12 May 2013, shows Chusovskoy District in the Perm Region of Russia.

The Chusovaya River can be seen in the image. The river source is on the eastern slopes of the Urals range, in Asia, while the main portion is located in the European part of Russia. The river usually breaks up in late April and gets shallow in summer. In this image it is almost fully free from ice.

The cliff shores of Chusovaya River are very picturesque. Many cliffs are natural monuments protected by the government.

Chusovoy town is in the right part of the image in the confluence of the Us'va and Chusovaya rivers.

The town of Lys'va and Lys'venskoye water reservoir are in the lower right corner of the image.

A conventional border between Europe and Asia runs through the Chusovskoy District.

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Credit: Spot Image, ScanEx RDC 2013

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