Minimize Belgium and the Netherlands

This image shows the combination of a PROBA-V image and a turbidity map of the Eastern part of the North Sea, near Belgium and the southern part of the Netherlands. You can see higher turbidity values in the Scheldt river and near the coastline around Zeebrugge. .

Turbidity is a measure of the clarity of water and an important parameter in environmental monitoring. High turbidity can be linked to a high amount of sediments suspended in water. These sediments prevent light reaching aquatic plants and organisms and can carry contaminants. The aquaculture sector, environmental agencies or dredging companies can all benefit and take actions based on turbidity measures.

Although PROBA-V is a vegetation satellite designed to observe the land surface, the satellite covers coastal waters as well. The resolution and specifications of PROBA-V facilitate the generation of almost daily turbidity maps in coastal areas.

The image was captured on 3 April 2016.

View the full resolution image.

 Belgium and the Netherlands

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