Minimize Twin Cyclones - Bansi and Chedza

A pair of Tropical Cyclones (Bansi and Chedza) in the Indian Ocean are pictured in this infrared Meteosat-7 image, acquired on 15 January 2015.

The storms formed close together, with Bansi forming on 11 January and Chedza several days later (strengthening to a tropical cyclone on 15 January). In this image, Chedza (left) is passing over the Mozamabique Channel and Madagascar, while Bansi (right) is moving eastwards away from Mauritius.

Both storms have brought heavy rain to the area, particularly causing flooding in Madagascar which has affected thousands of people.

View the full resolution image, and other views of the storms.

Credit: EUMETSAT 2015

Cyclones Bansi and Chedza

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