Minimize Tropical Cyclones Diamondra and Eunice

This composite image shows Tropical Cyclones Eunice and Diamondra in the Indian Ocean.

Tropical Cyclone Diamondra (the storm on the right) formed on 26 January, but by 29 January has weakened considerably and is expected to dissipate soon. Eunice (the storm on the left) is more powerful than Diamondra and expected to grow more powerful over the next few days. It is not expected that either of the storms will reach land, though, and remain over the ocean until they both dissipate.

This image is comprised of infrared data from the geostationary orbiting satellites of EUMETSAT and the JMA. Infrared data overlays a computer-generated model of the Earth, containing NASA's Blue Marble Next Generation imagery.

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Credit: EUMETSAT 2014

Cyclones Diamondra and Eunice

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