Minimize Tropical Cyclone Hudhud over Bay of Bengal

Tropical Cyclone Hudhud formed on 8 October and began moving from east to west across the Bay of Bengal in the Northern Indian Ocean.

On 11 October Hudhud intensified to a very severe cyclone, with a visible eye. It made landfall in Visakhapatnam on 12 October with winds speeds of 180 km/h, gusting to 200 km/h. The cyclone left a trail of destruction and five dead, despite a massive evacuation effort.

The cyclone season in the North Indian Ocean is unusual, compared to the cyclone seasons in the Pacific and the Atlantic, with the peak activity occurring in May-June and October/November and almost no Tropical Cyclones forming in July to September.

This MetOp-A image was acquired on 12 October 2014, at 04:14 UTC, and shows Cyclone Hudhud as it made landfall on the Indian coast.

View the full resolution image, and other views of the cyclone.

Credit: EUMETSAT 2014

Cyclone Hudhud

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