Minimize Mount Vesuvius, Italy

The SPOT-5 satellite captured this view of Mount Vesuvius in 2003. Made famous by the historical destruction of Pompeii almost 2000 years ago, the volcano is still active today.

Millions of people now live near Vesuvius, and we can see in the image the dense urban sprawl in grey. The city of Naples wraps around Vesuvius - clearly visible in the centre of the image - and is one of the most populated cities in Europe.

Due to the risk the volcano poses, the government has measures in place to evacuate the populace should an eruption occur, and efforts are made to reduce the number of people living in the most hazardous areas.

This image is part of a gallery celebrating thirty years of the SPOT satellites.

View the full resolution image.

Credit: CNES 2003, Airbus Defence and Space

Mount Vesuvius

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