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When Hurricane Amanda reached category 4 strength on 25 May 2014 it was the strongest hurricane on record for the Pacific during the month of May.

The storm, which formed off the coast of Mexico, quickly turned from a tropical storm, which has winds of less than 120 km/h (74mph), to the top end of a category 4 hurricane.

On Sunday 25 May Amanda's maximum sustained winds increased to near 249 km/h (155 mph/134 knots) and its central pressure dropped to 932 millibars making it a very powerful Category 4 hurricane.

The image shows MetOp-B infrared with ASCAT overlaid, from 25 May 04:41 UTC - 101 km/h (63 mph/55 knot) winds can be clearly seen around the cyclone's centre. The ASCAT wind is the mean wind over around one hour and doesn't take into account gusts, so this would be the minimum sustained wind at the surface.

Amanda was also the earliest Category 4 hurricane in the eastern Pacific, ahead of Hurricane Adolph in 2001, and the second earliest major eastern Pacific hurricane on record, behind Hurricane Bud in 2012.

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Credit: EUMETSAT 2014

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