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eoPortal images makes both new and historical imagery available, from Earth observation satellites. Our database is growing and is gradually being extended to include images from many different sources. 

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Smoky Andean Valleys

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) took this oblique photograph of smoke-filled canyons along the eastern margin of the Andes Mountains on 23 July 2016.

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Suomi NPP satellite sees South Korea 2018 Winter Olympics

NOAA/NASA's Suomi NPP satellite captured this image of the Korean Peninsula on 08 February 2018, one day before the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

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Making waves in Marlborough Sounds

On 02 December, 2017, the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8 acquired this natural-colour image of the rocky landscape of Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.

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Northeast Greenland National Park

The UK-DMC2 satellite acquired this high resolution image showing part of Northeast Greenland National Park on 11 July 2017.

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First image from CartoSat-2F

The new CartoSat-2F satellite acquired this multi-spectral image of Indore, India, on 15 January 2018.

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Sahara snow

The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission captured rare snowfall in northwest Algeria, on the edge of the Sahara desert on 08 January.

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First image from NOAA-20 CrIS

Forty-eight days after JPSS-1 (NOAA-20) was launched into Earth orbit, it sent back its first Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) science data. This data is a part of a series of instrument activation and checkout tests that occur before the satellite is declared fully operational. CrIS is one of five key instruments onboard NOAA-20 that will improve day-to-day weather forecasting while extending the record of many long-term observations of Earth's climate.

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A cloud and ice factory

The Sea of Okhotsk is what oceanographers call a marginal sea: a region of a larger ocean basin that is partly enclosed by islands and peninsulas hugging a continental coast. With the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Kuril Islands, and Sakhalin Island partly sheltering the sea from the Pacific Ocean, and with prevailing, frigid northwesterly winds blowing out from Siberia, the sea is a winter ice factory and a year-round cloud factory.

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Kiritimati (or Christmas) Island

SPOT 6 acquired this 1.5m resolution image of Kiritimati Island on 23 April 2017. Kiritimati Island is also known as Christmas Island and it is the world's largest coral atoll.

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New island made of tuff stuff

In December 2014, a submarine volcano erupted violently in the South Pacific, sending superheated steam, ash, and rock 9 kilometres (30,000 feet) into the air. When the plume cleared and the ash settled in January 2015, a newborn island with a 120-metre (400-foot) summit was nestled between two older islands in the kingdom of Tonga.