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eoPortal images makes both new and historical imagery available, from Earth observation satellites. Our database is growing and is gradually being extended to include images from many different sources. 

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Castelli Romani, Italy

This image, acquired on 13 October 2018 by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over a set of small towns in the Colli Albani hills known collectively as Castelli Romani.

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Amazon Rainforest Fire

This Pléiades image acquired on 22th August 2019 shows the fire which started on hills near already deforested areas in Bolivia.

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Belgium and the Netherlands

This image shows the combination of a PROBA-V image and a turbidity map of the Eastern part of the North Sea, near Belgium and the southern part of the Netherlands and was was captured on 3 April 2016.

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Fire races across Gran Canaria

Acquired on 19 August 2019 by the VIIRS on-board Suomi NPP satellite, NASA satellites have observed waves of fire sweeping through pine forests in mountainous terrain on Gran Canaria, the second most populous of the Canary Islands.

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Typhoon Lekima nears China

Acquired on 9 August 2019 by the VIIRS on-board Suomi NPP satellite, the image shows twin typhoons, Lekima (left) and Krosa (right), continuing to churn across the Western Pacific Ocean late this week, threatening East Asian countries with destructive winds and rain.

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Iceland’s raging rivers

Captured on 06 June 2019 by NASA's Landsat-8 mission, this image takes us over Iceland, a country rich with compelling geologic phenomena, volcanoes and ice caps abound.

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Lake Balaton, Hungary

Captured on 27 February 2019 by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission, this image takes us over Lake Balaton in western Hungary. With a surface area of around 600 sq km and a length of around 78 km, this freshwater lake is the largest in central Europe.

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La Pampa and Rio Negro, Argentina

The fertile Pampas, grasslands located in northern Argentina, Uruguay, and southern Brazil, are frequently struck by wildfires, both from natural causes, such as lightning, and from man-made control, for agricultural purposes. This Proba-V image shows the pampas recovering from wildfire damage.

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Gulf Coast braces for Tropical Storm Barry

Tropical Storm Barry, seen here by GOES East on 12 July, 2019, at 9 a.m. (ET) is strengthening over the warm waters of the northern Gulf of Mexico. Barry is expected to begin tracking toward the northwest later today and turn north on Saturday before making landfall.

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Irminger Sea ice swirl

Captured on 9 June 2019 by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission, this image takes us over a swirl of sea ice off the east coast of Greenland in the Irminger Sea.